October 2023

JIS Fall Miami Beach Show

The NS CNC Team

October 21, 2023

NS CNC took part in the JIS Fall show for the first time. It took place at the gigantic Miami Beach Convention Center.
The show was very lively and eventful. We were amazed that the majority of visitors spoke Spanish, and many did not speak English at all. Most of them are jewelers from Central America. The show was reminiscent of the JCK Las Vegas show, but on a smaller scale. Along with exhibits from the USA, they were from all over the world, even from South Africa.
Those companies who have been participating in this show for many years say that the show is growing rapidly every year. Let’s hope that the next show in a year will be even bigger and more representative

September 2023

New Article In Scientific Journal "Analytical Chemistry"

The NS CNC Team

September 19, 2023

New publication in the Analytical Chemistry journal. A group of scientists from the University of Toronto, led by Professor Andre Simpson, are developing new Low-Magnetic Susceptibility Microcoils using the NS CNC Mira 6.
“In environmental research, it is critical to understand how toxins impact invertebrate eggs and egg banks, which, due to their tiny size, are very challenging to study by conventional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.
Microcoil technology has been extensively utilized to enhance the mass-sensitivity of NMR. In a previous study, 5-axis computer numerical control (CNC) micromilling (shown to be a viable alternative to traditional microcoil production methods) was used to create a prototype copper slotted-tube resonator (STR)…”  

September 2023

NS CNC at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The NS CNC Team

September 05, 2023

Professor Ronnie Willaert (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium) has extended expertise in yeast research (Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Candida albicans, and C. glabrata) and single-molecule biophysics.

He has considerable experience in optical nanomotion detection as well as in biofabrication (including microfluidic chip and micropattern development). He focuses on developing and using micro- nanobiotechnological techniques to study bone and yeast cells in microgravity (International Space Station) via European Space Agency (ESA) and Belgian Science Policy Office (Belspo) sponsored research project.

Currently, he is using the CNC Elara (NS CNC) as a fast-prototyping method to optimize a microfluidic chip that will be used for the ESA project “FLUMIAS Yeast Nanomotion”, where yeast cellular nanomotion will be used to assess the effect of antifungals on the viability of yeast cells in space conditions (ISS).

Research Group Structural Biology Brussels (SBB)

Alliance Research Group VUB-UGent “NanoMicrobiology” (NAMI)

International Joint Research Group VUB-EPFL (Switzerland) “BioNanotechnology & NanoMedicine” (NANO)

June 2023

JCK Las Vegas Show

The NS CNC Team

June 08, 2023

From June 2 to June 5, 2023, NS CNC has already participated for the 12th time in the annual JCK Show in Las Vegas. The show took place in the giant Venetian Convention and Expo Center. Like all other equipment suppliers for jewelers, we are always located in the lower basement pavilion. The most significant and well-known jewelry companies are located on the main floor of the most attractive pavilion above us.

Being away from expensive showcases with diamond jewelry for a million dollars and pretty girls, we were also away from the main intrigue and endless series about the struggle between natural and artificial diamonds. This battle has been going on for years. Man-made diamonds are inexorably stepping on traditional earth-mined diamonds. No matter what battles took place among jewelers and diamond suppliers, the demand for jewelry began to grow after the COVID recession.

Compared to last year and the previous year, we all see the show getting bigger and jewelers need more equipment and tools. Despite the many inexpensive 3D printers that have taken over the jewelry modeling market, our NS CNC machines are consistently at the top of high-quality wax molds making equipment and we have more and more clients.

We hope that we will again show our new machines in exactly one year at this wonderful Show in Las Vegas.


March 2023

MJSA Expo New York

The NS CNC Team

March 24, 2023

The company took part in the annual MJSA Expo in New York. As in previous years, it was held in a wonderful glass exhibition complex of the Javits Convention Center from March 5 to March 7, 2023. It’s not as big a show as in Las Vegas, but it’s very lively. The visitors to this show are numerous jewelers and jewelry companies from the Diamond District on 47th Street in Manhattan, which is the world’s center of the jewelry and diamond business.

November 2022

New Elara NS CNC at the University of Toronto

The NS CNC Team

November 22, 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Elara CNC milling machine at the University of Toronto. This will be the third NSCNC machine to join Professor Andre Simpson’s lab and includes some interesting custom additions. We wish him all the success in his exciting and unique projects.
For more information on Professor Andre Simpson’s work visit:

June 2022

JCK Las Vegas Show

The NS CNC Team

June 10, 2022

JCK has announced that registration for JCK Las Vegas 2022, taking place at The Venetian Expo, is now open.

The show, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, will run from Friday, June 10, to Monday, June 13, with Luxury open by invitation-only Wednesday, June 8, and Thursday, June 9. In addition, Gems and JCK Talks, the show’s lineup of educational sessions, will begin June 9…

Read more

June 2022


The NS CNC Team

May 12, 2022

We are pleased to announce the completion of JewelryCAM 3 – our newest and most advanced CAM software for the MIRA series of machines. The new update contains lots of new features and some important fixes. JewelryCAM 3 will be released in the coming weeks and will run on Rhino 7.
Some new features include:
  • Removal of wax stock in the simulator for easier viewing
  • Caching geometry to the RAM buffer which will reduce the calculation time of each operation
  • Additional tool-path pattern called “Flow-line”
  • Using multiple surfaces in the Drive Surface operations
  • The ability for the user to set the Maximum Distance of coordinate points in Parallel and Drive Surface operations
  • Additional machine settings in the drop-down menu
  • Additional options for tool axis control
  • Additional cutting method called “Spiral”
  • Tool changer and accompanying settings
  • Grouping, editing and faster moving of operation layers
  • Tool-path transformations such as Mirror, Move, Rotate, etc.
  • Additional option “Normal To Guide Curve” in Swarf operations
  • Additional group in “Section Check” surfaces

March 2022

MJSA Expo New York

The NS CNC Team

March 26, 2022

The long-awaited MJSA Expo took place last week in New York. Due to COVID-19 pandemic it was canceled for two years. As before, this show goes along with the JA Show in an absolutely glass and transparent building in the Jarvis Center complex. However, despite the small number of participants and the size of the show, it was still regarded as a remarkable event. It was believed that all participants yearned for this event because it was also an opportunity for them to communicate with their colleagues. Moreover, everyone is talking about the beginning growth of the jewelry market.
One of the main intriguing news from this show was the exit of EnvisionTec from the jewelry market. Empty booths with their name on this show creates a lot of questions and judgments about the fate of the company’s customers and their future support.
Irrespective of this news, we experienced an increase in demand for our NS CNC machines just like the previous years. Therefore, this can also be backed by our old saying that “more machines are ordered than we can produce”.
We believe that the MJSA Expo will mark the beginning of a rise in jewelry sales after a two-year decline. Furthermore, we will be glad to invite all our customers, friends, colleagues and anyone who is interested in using our machines to the next JCK Show in Las Vegas in June 2022. 

September 2021

JCK Las Vegas Show

Michael Campobasso

September 6, 2021

It was a great joy to reconnect with the worlds most passionate jewelers at JCK Las Vegas the past four days. The jewelry industry is healthy & flourishing as the next generation of jewelers set new precedent with ambitious detailing and expectations that only a Mira mill can achieve. Thank you all for 11 years of support to our family and we’re looking forward to continuing to move the industry forward in the years to come. Stay tuned as we take you on our next journey in machining metal parts for watchmaking! See you next year Las Vegas ✌️

June 2021

We're Moving!

The NS CNC Team

June 23, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we will be moving to our brand new offices/manufacturing facility as of August 1st, 2021.

Our new address will be:

NSCNC Manufacturing Ltd.
19358 96 Ave, Unit 150, Surrey, BC Canada V4N 4C1
Toll Free: +1(888) 683-6807

We are confident that the new and expanded facility will enable us to serve you better and we look forward to welcoming you at the new location in the near future.  

March 2021

Our brand new Mira 8 has already been launched

The NS CNC Team

March 28, 2021

Mira 8 is our heavy-duty successor to the Mira 6. We’ve added several new features that allow it to precisely mill medium and hard-density materials that its older sister previously couldn’t handle. You can also use the Mira 8 for micro-milling soft metals, various plastics, graphite, model wax, hardwood, and soft gemstones with ease.

This machine is an excellent fit for any team working in microfluidics, jewellery, watchmaking, scientific research, mould production, or any other work that requires micro-milling of the highest precision  Read more

February 2021

New line of NS CNC milling machine.

The NS CNC Team

February 23, 2021

Since the beginning of the year, NS CNC has been developing a new line of milling machines: The Elara Mill. These are designed from the ground up to help jewelers, watchmakers, and other craftsmen mill microscopic metal parts, such as Bas Relief, Guilloche, Pave Bead Settings, Filigree, and other detailed components.
The Elara Mill will be produced in 3,  and 4-axis versions, with both manual and automatic tool change options. They will include a large selection of collets, holders, and accessories, as well as a collection system for dust and metal chips. Like our previous NS CNC models, the Elara Mill will be a bench-top design with minimal dimensions and weight for added flexibility of use.
Our team plans to debut this new product line this August at both MJSA in New York and JCK in Las Vegas shows. We can’t wait to share this innovative new design with you!

December 2020

NSCNC is pleased to announce the launch of the Mira 8

The NS CNC Team

December 31, 2020

In the upcoming 2021 season, NSCNC will be launching the Mira 8 milling machine, a cross-over between the light-duty Mira 6 and the heavy-duty Mira X7. It will contain stronger internal mechanics which will be useful to those who, in addition to wax, want to mill harder and stronger materials like soft-metals and plastics.

The Mira 8 will be a complete solution for complex milling needs and will include state-of-the-art controller software along with all necessary tools and fixtures to allow for extremely complicated 3D models to be milled at resolutions never thought possible before.

Simplicity and ease-of-use has always been at the forefront of NSCNC mills and the Mira 8 will continue to push the boundaries of possibilities while maintaining a simple and easy to use interface and workflow.

More information will become available as we enter the New Year, so subscribe to our social media pages to stay updated.

December 2020

New Article In Scientific Journal "Analytical Chemistry"

The NS CNC Team

December 01, 2020

An article referring to our NS CNC Mira 6 recently appeared in “Analytical Chemistry”, describing the need at the Environmental NMR Centre at the University of Toronto, led by Professor Andre J. Simpson, for superior machining accuracy in their research of microscopic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Microcoils. It was not possible to machine these devices with traditional machining equipment. It is now possible with the precision of our machines, which is 0.3 microns. Read more

September 2020

New 2021 Mira 6

The NS CNC Team

September 26, 2020

NSCNC today announced the launch of the brand new Mira model 6 milling machine which will be released in December 2020. The 2021 model includes a complete overhaul to the design of the internal motion systems, mechanisms, and components – making the machine more powerful, faster, and more precise than ever before.

August 2020

New Mira 7L at the University of Toronto

The NS CNC Team

August 28, 2020

Earlier, we wrote about Professor Andre Simpson’s Research Group at the University of Toronto and their use of the Mira-6 for manufacturing of copper coil sensors Read more

Even though the project was an incredible success there was room for improvement in certain areas of the process. And Professor Simpson had asked the team at NSCNC to create a new machine, equipped with a powerful laser, which would be able to cut at diameters much smaller than what was possible before. And we are pleased to announce that as of August 2020 we have delivered and launched this brand new machine at the University of Toronto at the Scarborough campus. Read more

May 2020

NS CNC Academy | Shaping your future

Michael Campobasso

May 02, 2020

NS | CNC Academy is a series of online video courses designed to inspire, educate and enable the aspiring jeweler to explore the craft of jewelry making through Computer Aid Manufacturing (CAM) and 5-axis milling.

Start learning now:

March 2020

To Our NS CNC Family

The NS CNC Team

March 30, 2020

These times have made us all concerned, unsettled, and uneasy. And yet, these times can also bring out the best in us. This virus has unleashed the determination and drive of local officials, first responders, and caregivers around the world. As we join forces to battle this virus teamwork + unity is growing stronger every day. And unexpectedly, these times have provided most of us with a clear simple direction.
Stay home. So for now many of our team members and authorized dealers around the world are safely at home. Our headquarters in Port Coquitlam, BC Canada is pleased to still be working and we will be very pleased to help you however we can. We’re prepared to help with cam software updates, machine sales, and other usefully technical questions you might have.
We have the ultimate milling machine to help your business grow when you return to work and we’re armed to stand behind you as you continue to put out greatness into the world. For more than 13 years, NSCNC has taken care of our extended family. Our passion and commitment to you and our team is unwavering. Please let us know how we can help. Until then, please be safe.

March 2020

The brand new Mira L7

The NS CNC Team

March 03, 2020

The Mira L7 is the newest laser-equipped machine built by NS CNC. Designed specifically for the Environmental NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Center of the University of Toronto, and under the guidance of Professor Andre Simpson, the Mira L7 is the biggest and heaviest machine ever built by NS CNC.
To learn more about Professor Andre Simpson’s research you can visit

December 2019

Raims Art® | The Worlds Most Perfect Jewelry

Michael Campobasso

December 29, 2019

For the last decade, Raims Jewelry has been the premier house known for impeccable quality, classic technique, and unmatched creativity and this masterful creation is a testament to his discipline and passion for excellence. Crafted in 18K gold with hard enamel accents this bracelet is truly a treasure that will potentially live in an art museum one day.

September 2019

JUNWEX Jewelry Show in Moscow

The NS CNC Team

October 08, 2019

UNWEX is the largest jewelry show in Russia. It takes place at the VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy). This is a huge exhibition complex, built in Moscow back in the last century, in the 1930’s. It is famous for its golden fountains, sculptures and magnificent palaces. This show is open to the public. Unlike American shows, all participants in the show in Moscow can sell their products directly to the show.
All of the major Russian jewelry manufacturers participate in the show. In addition, there are many companies that make amber products. The show is very popular with Chinese buyers and re-sellers. It was amazing to see a Chinese re-seller walking with a cellphone and showing products on the counter to his customer in China. There were many different types of traditional Russian silver tableware, including hand-painted trays.
Our machines were shown in the equipment pavilion at the exposition of our Russian dealer Company, JMO. NS CNC has been selling machines in the Russian market for many years now. NS CNC is well known there and there is constant and growing interest in our company and its products. There were a lot of meetings with machine users at the show. As always, we received many orders for new machines.

September 2019

New Mira Bit

The NS CNC Team

September 15, 2019

In September of 2019, NS CNC released a new version of our famous Mira Bit. This milling bit was developed by the company back in 2013. Since then, the design of the bit has been repeatedly improved. It is indispensable for 5-axis milling, as it has a maximum milling depth of 1? (26 mm) and has a spherical tip with a diameter of 0.1 mm. This new model has significantly improved flute geometry.

This achieves much better removal of wax chips and increases milling efficiency. Before releasing our new milling bit, the company subjected the mill to many months of testing under various conditions. The results of these tests exceeded all of our expectations. We hope that our users will try the new bit and be as pleased with its performance as we are.

Buy new Mira Bit

August 2019

A Dogs Journey

Michael Campobasso

August 20, 2019

Being first is making something from nothing. First stands on no shoulders and follows no footsteps. The view of first is wide open, with no restrictions, just possibilities. Being first in the jewelry business is important. Being first is what makes Lion Diamonds who they’re in New York City. This magnificent German Shepherd Men’s Ring from Lion Diamonds is a first of its kind with detailing only made possible from our family of NS CNC Mira mills. Be among the first in your area to own a Mira mill and start changing the quality and expectations in your area.

July 2019

Milling like you never imagined. And still love

The NS CNC Team

July 20, 2019

Graceful and assertive, the Chinese Dragon from Lion Diamonds offers something different in the grey world of jewelry. The high level of detailing is a specialty that Lion Diamonds has perfected since being apart of the NSCNC family. The sharp edges, smooth surfaces, and exciting designs is what has people taking notice.

“It’s the perfect recipe for a successful casting,” says Michael. “Whatever your ambition is, NSCNC has the machine that will take you there.” To own your very own Mira mill contact and ask about how the Mira Mill has helped his business become one of the premier New York City Jewelry manufacturing experts.

June 2019

JCK Las Vegas Show

The NS CNC Team

June 15, 2019

This year, JCK Las Vegas moved to another exhibition complex, which is the Sands Expo Convention Center. The center is smaller in size than Mandalay Bay, but it’s located in the heart of Las Vegas and is positioned closer to all the central hotels. But this central position has created significant difficulties with transportation.

The place to stop the cars in front of the main entrance was very small, and there were so many cars and taxis that the exhibitors preferred to leave their cars several blocks away and continue on foot. The format of the show also changed a bit. There was no change in the location and the exhibit displays of major US jewelry companies.

March 2019

MJSA New York Expo

The NS CNC Team

March 17, 2019

The show takes place in Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York during March 10 – 12, 2019. Javits Center is a giant all-glass building of unique design on the banks of the Hudson River.

The show is quite small. It is several times smaller than the show in Las Vegas, in all only a few thousand visitors. But it is very important and very effective for promoting equipment and tools in the jewelry market of New York, and especially for 47th Street.

This is the Diamond District and the center of the entire jewelry and diamond industry in the world. It is here that world prices for diamonds and jewelry are formed


Manufacturing World Japan Show, Tokyo

The NS CNC Team

February 20, 2019

This year NSCNC took part in the Manufacturing World Japan show in Tokyo. This show is the world’s leading trade show for the entire manufacturing industry. This year more than 80,000 professional visitors and 1,530 exhibitors gathered in Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center in the Ariake Minami district of Tokyo Waterfront in February 6 – 8, 2019.

This is not just one show, it’s seven separate exhibitions combined together: Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo, Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo, 3D & Virtual Reality Expo, Industrial AI/IoT Expo, Advanced 3D Printing Expo, Aerospace Technology & Components Expo and Factory Facilities & Equipment Expo.

September 2018

IMTS Chicago

The NS CNC Team

September 17, 2018

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is the largest manufacturing exhibition in the world and is held every even-numbered year. It takes place in McCormick Place, Chicago, in September 10 – 15. IMTS 2018 hosted the highest number of exhibiting companies ever (2,563) and was the largest in the number of registrations (129,415).

The show has 9 pavilions: Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing, Additive Manufacturing, Controls & CAD-CAM, Fabricating & Lasers, Gear Generation, Machine Components/Cleaning/Environmental, Metal Removal, Quality Assurance, Tooling & Workholding Systems.

Our company was exhibited in the largest Metal Removal pavilion in South Building, Level 3. The area of this giant pavilion is 840,000 square feet or 78,038 square meters.

June 2018

JCK las Vegas Show

The NS CNC Team

June 13, 2018

This show took place like all past years in Mandalay Bay Convention Center from June 01 to June 4, 2018 . It is one of the largest convention centers in Las Vegas with an area of 1,000,000 square feet or 93,000 square meters.

JCK Las Vegas, the jewelry industry’s largest and most iconic North American trade event, brought together over 2,200 exhibiting companies, and 30,000 industry professionals, including over 13,000 vetted buyers, representing nearly 100 different countries around the world.

Mandalay Bay is impressive with its gigantic distances. Every day you have to walk kilometers along carpet paths to walk from the parking lot to your booth.