Custom NS CNC Machines

Our company not only produces serial NS CNC machines, but also a wide range of custom machines for various industries and organizations. These custom machines are used in the aerospace industry, scientific research labs, universities, and manufacturers of high-precision micro devices and parts.

On this page you only see a very small number of the custom machines we have created. If you have an idea for a unique CNC machine that has not yet existed, please contact us and and we will make your idea come true.

Micro Lathe

This is a micro CNC lathe with two axes. The spindle can rotate in both directions, and the large stroke of the carriages allows the use of a wide range of tools, making it just as capable as larger machines. This machine is particularly popular among watchmakers and jewelers who need to make parts for miniature mechanisms.

5 - Axis Laser Mill

Mira 7L is a 5-axis NS CNC machine that uses a laser instead of a spindle. The complex lens system allows the beam to be compressed to very small dimensions, enabling the milling of micron-sized parts. The laser is stationary, and the workpiece moves in all 5 axes.

Granite Base Mill

This is a 4-axis machine with a granite base and a robust machine stand. It is highly accurate and has minimal vibration due to its high precision air bearing spindle, which can reach speeds of up to 80,000 rpm. It is used for ultra-precise milling.

Remotely Control Mill

This is a 4 or 3 – Axis machine that can be remotely controlled and has several cameras that allow the user to position the workpiece from different angles on the screen.

Mira X7 with ATC

Mira X7 is a 5-axis mini CNC milling machine that is capable of milling plastic, hard wood, and soft metals. It features a 12-tool Auto Tool Changer and a high-speed spindle that can reach 60,000 rpm. The machine is versatile and can accommodate various workpiece holders, enabling it to be used for different milling techniques.

Grinding Mill

Machine features two spindles in different positions, mainly used for micro-grinding extremely hard materials. The machine has numerous holders, chucks, and accessories, in addition to the basic spindle positions shown in the photo.

Microfluidic Mill

This is a 3-axis microfluidic NC CNC milling machine that is commonly used in scientific research laboratories for working with plastic.