Custom Machines

Custom manufacturing CNC machines from your functional specifications, concepts or scope of work

NS CNC has much experience with custom designing and manufacturing various mini CNC machines for certain types of work. They are used in many different markets including jewelry, scientific research and development, rapid prototyping, medical, small parts production, and so on.

Custom machines can be made in different configurations, such as three or four-axis CNC milling machines, two or four-axis CNC lathe, or combined machines. Your custom machinery project will be handled by knowledgeable engineering and manufacturing support teams who employ the techniques, procedures, tools, and equipment necessary to achieve quality results.


Scientific Mini CNC Mills

Using our experience in creating high-precision machines, we can build any machine with specific characteristics for use in microbiological, medical, chemical, and any other research. For instance, our machines are used in many scientific laboratories at a number of universities. Our machine mechanism can make movements with the highest resolution. A traditional spindle can be replaced with a high-precision laser, which provides the ability to accurately cut lines that are only a fraction of a micron wide.


Jewelry CNC Custom Mill

These are multi-axis milling machines that can make jewelry molds of large and non-standard size and shape. They are indispensable where you want to make extraordinary jewelry and souvenirs of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. They can be used for the production of large medals, souvenir coins, sculptures, busts, and many other decorative items. These machines can process model wax, plastic, hardwood, and even soft metals. Resolutions of these machines can be as small as 0.1 microns.


CNC Machine for making

EDM electrodes

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) allows metals to be cut with high accuracy, especially those with extreme hardness and complicated geometry, or those components where general machine tools make it impossible to machine using traditional methods.

Die sinker EDM is used to create complex cavity shapes in tool and die applications, such as metal stamping dies and plastic injection molds. The die sinker process begins with machining a graphite electrode to form a “positive” of the desired cavity. This electrode is then carefully plunged into the workpiece, causing sparking over its surface as features close the sparking gap—the distance required for sparking

Guilloche Machine

Guilloche is a decorating technique in which intricate geometric patterns are engraved onto watch parts like dials and cases. Unlike engraving, Guilloche is made with a special cutter, which moves along a line. The cutter makes repeated grooves with the “bright cut” technique. Guilloche technique has been used for many centuries. But now it connects with the computer and CNC. Therefore, it becomes simpler, faster and more affordable. New CNC technologies are continuing successfully to develop the centuries-old experience of Guilloche.

CNC Engraving Machine

Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto a hard, usually flat surface by cutting grooves into it. Engravers mainly use two different processes. The first and most common is the ‘Diamond Drag’ process that pushes the diamond cutter through the surface of the material and then pulls it to create scratches. The directions and depths are controlled by computer input. The second is the ‘Spindle Cutter’ process. This is similar to Diamond Drag, but the engraving head is a flattened V shape. The machine uses the spindle to quickly rotate the head as it pushes it into the material, then pulls it along whilst it continues to spin.