Raims' workbench


Mira Bit


Wax Slices

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Machine Fluid/Coolant



Machine Stand


Enclosed Machine Stand


Keyboard/Mouse Arm


Waterproof Keyboard and Mouse


Wireless NS-Motion MPG Pendant


Protective Guard for Mira-6


Light Loupe


Digital Microscope



Nakanishi Spindle

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High Precision Spindle Collet


Spindle Wrench


Workpiece Holders

Custom Holder

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Rigid Holder Long


Rigid Holder Short


Round Holder


Flat Holder


4-Jaw Chuck, Small


4-Jaw Chuck, Large


ER-25 Collet


ER-25 to 3/4"-16 Adapter


Custom Collet Holder

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Clamping Set for Elara Mill


Coolant, Air and Vacuum System

Coolant Tank


Coolant Filter


Air Filter and Regulator


Vacuum Hose with Nozzles



JewelryCAM – 2

Plugin for Rhino 3D


JewelryCAM – 2

Upgrade from the previous version


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