5-Axis CNC Mill Mira 6


Built off of years of experience perfecting 5-axis milling technology, this lean system combines some of the best technology NS CNC has to offer into one compact package. The Mira 6 was designed to meet the needs of the jewelry industry, so it has to be both easy to use and efficient. To accomplish this, it incorporates our newest control system and our “Smart Rotary Head” technology. NS CNC prides itself on attention to detail, and the Mira-6 is a natural extension of that pride. Watch as this masterpiece of machinery quickly and carefully carves out even the most ornate designs. Then, cast a piece from this mill, and find out that all that needs to be done is the polishing.



Why MIRA Mill?


it is a complete system that can quickly make a model of jewelry from the most popular 3D-file formats. The ability to operate in 5 different axes enables the user to create complex models not found in previous machines. It is designed for jewelers who do not have special education in CNC machines and for those who do not have the time to calibrate and configure complicated settings in the machine.



Dual Rotary

The machine is equipped with a unique Dual Rotary Table, which allows the work-piece to rotate in two different axes while also remaining completely stable.


NS – Motion

5 – Axis Control Program made by NS CNC specifically to run Mira – X milling machines. It’s part of the NS – motion servo system.


NS – Holders

The unique wax work-piece holders allow the A rotary axis to get even closer to the spindle head, allowing for more access to your model.


Rhino3D – Base

Jewelry CAM based on Rhino 3D or any related programs such as Matrix or RhinoGold. These are the most common types of 3D models and files in the market



Fully automatic 5 – axis CAM program for jewelry. It was created for ordinary users who do not have sufficient expertise in CNC.



Mira -Bit

A unique milling bit with special cutting geometry for wax milling to a depth of 25mm without roughing. It is made of solid carbide.

Advanced Milling Technology

All 5-axis machines in the Mira series are equipped with advanced milling technology. It is based on the latest system of simultaneous rotary table control, called “Smart Angular Movements Control”.

This significantly reduces the milling time and allows the machine to work more effectively.

Specifications of Mira 6

Machine Resolution
Spindle Speed
Machine Overview
  • Model: 615 Mira 6
  • Machine Type: 5-Axis Desktop simultaneous CNC Mill
  • Linear Axis: X Y Z
  • Rotary Axis: A B
  • Machine Codes: Universal G & M Codes
  • Material Stock: Wax, Soft Plastic, Wood
  • Position : 0.00001″ (0.0003 mm)*
  • Repeatability : 0.0002″ (0.005 mm)
  • Rotary A Resolution : 0.10 Arc-Sec
  • Rotary B Resolution : 0.10 Arc-Sec
  • Spindle Accuracy : 0.00004″ (0.001 mm)
Mechanical Data
  • Linear Motion: High precision LM Guide
  • Max Feed Rate : 118 inch/min (3000 mm/min)
  • Max Rotary B Speed: 300 Deg/Sec
  • Max Rotary A Speed: 300 Deg/Sec
  • A Turnable Diameter: 6″ (150 mm)
  • B Turnable Diameter: 4″ (100 mm)
  • Backlash: Zero backlash
  • Brand: NSK Nakanishi
  • Model: E2280
  • Speed : 30,000 RPM
  • Upgrade to 50,000 RPM
  • Power: 130 Watt
  • Bearings: Regular or Ceramic
  • Collet, Standard: 1/8″ (3.175 mm)
  • Collet, Additional: From 1.00 mm to 6.35 mm
Coolant System
  • Type: Liquid Cooled
  • Filtration: Self filtrated
  • Circulation: Constantly Circulating
  • Coolant Type: “NS-Cool” concentrate
  • Coolant Capacity: 6 Gallons (23 Liters)
  • Jewelry modeling and manufacturing
  • Micro molds
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Souvenirs, gifts manufacturing
  • Jewelry restoration
  • High precision graphite electrodes milling for Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)
  • Electronics
  • Education
Working Distance
  • X-Axis: 4.0 inches (105 mm)
  • Y-Axis: 8.5 inches (216 mm)
  • Z-Axis: 5.0 inches (127 mm)
  • Rotary A: 360 Deg Continuous
  • Rotary B: 360 Deg Continuous
Machine Size and Weight
  • Width : 22 inches (560 mm)
  • Depth : 30 inches (752 mm)
  • Height : 38 inches (965 mm)
  • Weight : 180 Pounds (82 Kg)
Packaging Size and Weight
  • Width : 32 inches (813 mm)
  • Depth : 35 inches (889 mm)
  • Height : 47 inches (1194 mm)
  • Weight : 330 Pounds (150 Kg)
Air System
  • Air filter: Built-in air line kit
  • Required air pressure: 21.7-36.2 psi
  • Spindle speed with air: up to 30,000 RPM
  • Spindle speed without air: up to 25,000 RPM
  • Requirements : Single Phase 110 or 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Capacity : 5.0 A (100 – 120 V)
  • Consumption : Appr. 800 Watt

Milling VS Printed

Most people think wax is wax, and a prototyping machine is a prototyping machine, but most people haven’t owned and operated a Mira 6 from NS CNC. When it comes to rapid prototyping, NS CNC is the foremost authority. Our wax is so smooth jewelers don’t have to file away their profits or their most intricate designs.

Mira – Bit

The special geometry and shape of the Mira-Bit provide the opportunity to cut the wax to a depth of 25 mm in one pass. Because the Mira-Bit is manufactured from solid carbide, our high-volume clients are reporting up to 1-year average lifespan when milling modeling wax of all types.

NS - Motion Control

Control of the machine is carried out by the NS Motion program within the built-in computer. This program is designed specifically for the MIRA Mill machine family and is both reliable and easy to use. When you turn on the machine, it is automatically loaded, and no additional settings are required.

The machine not only moves the carriages and rotary tables but also controls the spindle, the coolant machine and various sensors. Its optional wireless communication settings allow the user to connect to the internet, enabling the use of support software such as Skype and Team Viewer in case troubleshooting is required.

High Precision Spindle

NSK Nakanishi spindles are installed on all NS CNC mills. They are a world leader in precision machine tools and are the only choice for serious jewelers. The spindle has a long service life and is very reliable. The standard milling machine receives a 30,000 RPM spindle, but for faster milling, you can choose to upgrade to a 50-60,000 RPM model.

The spindle collet set has a standard diameter of 1/8″ (3.175 mm). If another collet size is desired, we can insert a collet of any size from 1.0 mm to 6.5 mm in increments of 0.1 mm.

Coolant System

Keeping the cutter and working piece wet during operation greatly improves the surface quality of models. The coolant prevents the milling bit from overheating and prevents the dust produced from milling from spreading to your shop and any nearby equipment. The system automatically and continuously filters and circulates the coolant. Used coolant is collected from the collection tray beneath your work-piece and is recycled by draining back into the coolant reservoir. The coolant fluid contains a 5% – 15% emulsion of water-soluble oils.

What’s in the Box

  • MIRA 6 machine assembly and calibrated
  • Coolant reservoir, pump, and hoses
  • Mira -Bits
  • Wax Set
  • Wax Holders
  • Coolant
  • “NS – Motion” Control Program
  • JewelryCAM 5-Axis Software
  • Built-in Computer
  • Monitor
  • Mounting arm
  • Cables
  • Tools
  • USB Flash Drives
  • User’s Guide

What’s in the Box

  • MIRA 6 machine assembly and calibrated
  • Coolant reservoir, pump, and hoses
  • Mira -Bits
  • Wax Set
  • Wax Holders
  • Coolant
  • “NS – Motion” Control Program
  • JewelryCAM 5-Axis Software
  • Built-in Computer
  • Monitor
  • Mounting arm
  • Cables
  • Tools
  • USB Flash Drives
  • User’s Guide