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About NS CNC

The old proverb “necessity is the mother of invention” could never ring more true than the story of NS CNC. Through ingenuity, experimentation, and vision, NS CNC has raised the bar for jewelers around the world. Coming from humble beginnings, our innovative, industry-leading manufacturing firm understands the necessity behind every new feature and every new machine that we make.

Built as a result of years of experience perfecting 5-axis milling technology, this lean system combines some of the best technologies that NS CNC has to offer into one compact package. The Mira-6 is designed to meet or exceed the needs of the jewelry industry, so it has to be both easy to use and efficient.


Accessories and Consumables

We offer you a wide range of accessories, fixtures, and consumables so that you can successfully work on our machines.



The moment you start using JewelryCAM, you’ll know you’ve permanently changed the way you work. With the push of a single button, the process of modelling your jewelry piece begins. Created specifically for jewelry modeling on the Mira Mill family of machines, JewelryCAM’s simplicity and speed set it above traditional programs.


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