About NS CNC

NS – New Solutions

CNC – Computer Numerical Control

What seems like a long time ago now, in the late 1990’s, the founder of NS CNC was working in the jewelry business cutting out wax models by hand. He had always been focused on better ways to achieve higher quality and decided to build his own CNC mill. Backed with considerable engineering experience, he built his first mill in Vancouver, and successfully cut his first stencil on it in the late 1990’s. Initially, New Solutions produced simple 4-axis CNC milling machines, but the jewelry market demanded something new – designers were creating more complex jewelry models – which required a new generation of machines. This sparked the creation of the first 5-axis milling machine, dubbed “Mira”.

What was once a small workshop, gradually grew a new and big business. Now we are NS CNC Manufacturing Ltd., and we sell machines worldwide. We have been in the CNC business for many years. We know every detail about our machines, from the smallest bolt to the circuit board of the controller. We invent new machines, we build them ourselves, and we continue to improve them further.


Ahead lies a journey through the evolution of NS CNC milling machines:
A voyage through blood, sweat, metal shavings, grease… all in the pursuit of that elusive vein of glittering gold:


This is an early experimental 4-axis+ machine configuration. Rotation axis of the fifth indexed axis was done by hand. This machine served as a prototype for future 5 – axis machines.


NS CNC’s First production machine – a high precision, high quality 4-axis machine, using HK rails, and NSK Spindle. The INGI was over 2 years in development. At the time development started on the INGI, there were few 4-axis mills on the market, and the demand for a high-quality, durable 4-axis mill was growing.

12MIRA – 1

Originally started out as a 4-axis+ mill. However, the market demand to be able to mill more and more complex wax models encouraged the development of a reliable 5-axis mill. The MIRA-1 was the first production 5-axis jewelry mill on the market. Capable of milling waxes with very fine details and perform undercutting operations, the MIRA was without compare. The MIRA-1 Debuted at the MJSA Exposition in 2010.


After the success of the MIRA-1, solutions to several challenges were solved and put into immediate production. The A rotary Axis was moved inside of the body of the mill, and the B rotary axis was isolated and enclosed in a waterproof enclosure. Upgrades to the drive screws allowed for more precise control, improved reliability and better operating speeds.


Where the INGI was a high-quality, highly precise, 4-axis machine, the EVOKE is a heavy duty precision mill. With the versatility of 3 machines built into one chassis, a EVOKE owner can run it as a 3-axis 3D mill, a fully functional 4-axis mill (with the A rotary attachment) or a CNC Lathe (with the CNC Lathe attachment).

14MIRA – 2E

A minor refinement of the MIRA-2, the 2E model added a counterweight in the A rotary axis, allowing for much more efficient and smooth rotation. A new Ethernet-based connection replaced the serial control interface, allowing for faster transmission of control instructions from the controller computer to the mill drives. This has been a very popular model, many very beautiful and complex pieces have been created using the MIRA-2E

16MIRA – 3

The very latest development in 5-axis desktop milling, the MIRA-3 has several important changes to improve capacity, quality and accuracy. 2014 also marks the continuation of a specialized 5-axis CAM software package, developed exclusively for the MIRA line of 5-axis mills.

17MIRA – X5

The first model of a machine with great potential milling of any materials from model wax to solid metals. The working area is completely isolated. The machine is equipped with a new smart control system.

19MIRA – 6

New NS CNC machine for wax and soft plastics for jewelry modeling. It is a continuation of the famous models in the Mira-2 and Mira-3. From their older counterparts it took the best of everything. Simplicity and convenience in work from Mira-3 and the latest control system and “Smart Rotary Heads” from Mira-X5.


New NS CNC heavy duty 5-Axis milling machine with Automatic Tool Changer (ATC). The machine can milled any materials such as metals, ceramics, zirconia, alloys, resins, plastics, hardwood or wax.

Large Vertical Machining Centers


For manufacturing mechanical parts for our machines, we use a huge in-house multi-ton modern machining center. These large high-precision machines are used to build smaller, more accurate machines.

Highest resolution


In this image we can see the connection details of our high-precision machines. For the calibration and alignment of carriages for the machine, we used many different measuring and testing devices. The main purpose of using these complex measuring tools is to verify that the dimensions of all our parts conform to the tolerances required in their design.

New metal cutting technology


To build high precision machines we have to constantly apply the newest technology in metal cutting. We achieve perfect surface quality using new cutters and use only the world’s leading manufacturers in milling tools. This helps maintain the accuracy of the machines and makes the production process highly efficient.


Mill Design

Each new model is the result of many hours of research and experimentation by our engineers and technicians. Each time a model is released, we work continue working with our clients, in order to examine its strengths and weaknesses so that we may improve their design. This process of continuous feedback allows us to constantly improve our designs and keep us at the forefront of modern technology.

The Large Family


NSCNC is a partner of ModuleWorks and is a member of this Large Family. ModuleWorks is one of the world’s leading development of 5- axis CAD/CAM technology. This family includes more than 100 companies working in CAD/CAM/CNC business. All of us are united by the desire to develop the latest machining technologies.