Milling VS Printed

Better Milled than Printed

NS CNC is inspiring jewelry creators everywhere with its advanced detailing capabilities. See why customers are falling in love with milling all over again.

Most people think wax is a wax, and a prototyping machine is a prototyping machine, but most people haven’t owned and operated a Mira 6 from NS CNC. When it comes to rapid prototyping, NS CNC is the foremost authority. Our wax is so smooth jewelers don’t have to file away their profits or their most intricate designs. That’s why everyone from aspiring jewelers to the world’s best jewelry companies loves us. The alternative to 3D milling is 3D printing. While 3D printing can be useful from time to time, the problems remain endless, and the effect these problems have on the finished product is detrimental.

The surface always shows unwanted lines, prints fail, material is incredibly expensive, hours of post-processing is required, and castings regularly fail due to ash residue and thermal expansion. Manufacturing high caliber jewelry is not only about finding the right craftsman and the right tools; it’s about taking the right approach. The Mira 6 from NS CNC delivers extraordinary details – and is incredibly easy to use. Along with super-fast milling times, you’ll be sure never to have a bad casting again. Our 5-axis 3D milling machine was engineered for prototyping perfection. It allows you to be more efficient, more productive and more PROFITABLE.

Let us help your business take the next step with the all-new Mira 6 from NS CNC.

Below are photos of the same model printed on various well known 3D printers in the jewelry industry and then the same model cut out on our Mira mill. You can see the difference in surface resolution by clicking on the picture. Like always, the famous green wax mold was made on the beauty know as the Mira Mill.

Click on the image to see a larger version