Video Showcases of our NS CNC Machines

We have filmed our creations at work over the years, as they carve intricate designs into casting wax, iron, bone, wood, and more. We’ve collected a full gallery of our mills, from amateur shoots to professional shoots. These videos showcase the evolution of our machines through the years, everything from our earliest INGI machines to the current flagship, our 5-axis Mira. Each one shows a real piece during milling, providing a glimpse of the entire jewelry production process. Many of our clients share their videos on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, or whichever platform suits them best. Check these sources for NS CNC mill users to see what your counterparts are currently creating. YouTube is our favorite platform, so make sure to subscribe to our channel to be the first to see our newest content, and send us your videos if you’d like to see them showcased here on our site.

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Mira X7 Videos

Metal bust of lady

August 2018

Tool changing system

August 2018

Rotary heads testing

August 2018

Octagon Ring

August 2019

Mira-5, Mira-6 Videos

Test Ring

July 2020

Aries Pendant

July 2020


July 2020


July 2020

Virgin Mary Bust

June 2020

Jimi Hendrix

April 2020

Tiger King

April 2020

Buddha Waves & Koi Fish

April 2020

Men’s ring

December 2019

Michael’s Dragon

July 2019

A Dogs Journey

August 2019

Roses de Raims

March 2018

Time-lapse machining of a sculpture

Decemder 2017

Lady Of Guadalupe pendant wax

November 2017

Time-lapse machining

September 2017


March 2018

Larry David Sculpture

April 2018

Skull wax mold

May 2019

Engagement ring wax mold

December 2018

Men’s Ring

July 2019

MIRA 6 3D Milling Machine

May 2017


May 2017

Vestal Virgin Bust wax

May 2019

Panther Ring

May 2019

Mira-2, Mira-3 Videos

Wax sphere

January 2017

Golden Amulet by Raims

May 2016

Ring wax milling

May 2016

Mira-2 Video 1

October 2013

Mira-2 Video 2

August 2013

Mira-2 Video 3

August 2013

Mira-2 Video 4

October 2013

Mira-2 Video 5

June 2012

Mira-2 Video 6

August 2011

Latest Trade Shows


September 2019

JCK – 2019, Las Vegas

June 2019

MJSA, JA Shows – 2019, New York

March 2019

Manufacturing World Japan – 2019, Tokyo

February 2019

IMTS – 2018, Chicago

September 2018

JCK – 2018, Las Vegas

June 2018

How we make our NS CNC machines

Lathe turning operations

November 2018

Lathe turning operation

December 2018

Mira-6 control panel manufacturing

December 2018

Milling the front cover for a desktop 5-axis CNC Mill

August 2017


May 2016

YouTube Playlist of our customers videos