Customer Success Stories

The success of our clients means everything to us. When they ask for a hand, we work closely with customers to help them achieve exceptional results with their NS CNC mills throughout the lifetime of their machines. We can’t wait to share the stories when we heard about unique and complex products, cutting new materials, innovative applications and of course how NS CNC mills have had a positive impact on a client’s business.

Discover how NS CNC clients make some of the most spectacular jewelry in the world in the stories below, and contact us to learn how we can help your business thrive. Have a story you’d like us to hear? We always welcome NS CNC enthusiasts to send us their stories so we can share them with our audience. We’d love to see what you made on our mills and how you’re using them to succeed.


At NS CNC, we have a long history of working closely with our clients and forming lasting relationships with them. Raims was one of our first colleagues and has been a friend to our staff and company for years. Raims has always had a passion for jewelry, beginning his studies in his home country of Lithuania.

Graduating from Kaunas Art College in 1982, he began his prestigious career as a jeweler and designer working for local shops. More recently, Raims has developed the freedom to take on private projects for individuals, making some of the most breathtaking custom pieces we’ve ever seen.

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Chasing Victory

One of our favourite stories comes from an unassuming town in California, and belongs to a cherished client, Jonathan Stroud of Chasing Victory. Jonathan’s path into the jewelry industry didn’t follow a traditional route, but sometimes the path less travelled has the best story.

As in many families, Jonathan was a loving and dedicated husband and father, providing for his family by making use of his woodworking skills. When an incident with a table saw caused him to lose much of the function of his left hand, he had to find a new way to provide for the people he loved most.

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University of Toronto

While most of our mills are used in the jewelry industry to create beautiful embellishments, every now and then we stumble upon a whole new use for our inventions. Recently, the University of Toronto acquired an NS CNC Mira 6 for the Department of Chemistry.

Under the expert guidance of Professor Andre Simpson, Director of the Environmental NMR Centre and Director of TRACES, our Mira 6 is being used to machine microscopic parts for his research experiments.

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Michael Campobasso

More than just a client, this uncompromising perfectionist has dedicated his efforts and significant talent to the meticulous perfection of his craft. Michael Campobasso is not only an artist and a jewelry designer, but a man of distinct taste and standards.

His shop in New York employs some of the most highly sought after jewelers, diamond setters, and polishers from around the world. Each team member was carefully hand-picked by Michael and boasts over 25 years on the job. In a world where so much of jewelry is made in mass production,

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Alexey Fedorov

In the heart of Moscow, one of our first and most engaged clients, Alexey Fedorov finds his inspiration as a jeweler, designer, 3D modeller, and businessman. With his pair of Mira mills hard at work, Alexey produces some of the world’s most cherished (and expensive) one of a kind jewelry pieces.

A self-taught master of his craft with a penchant for ornate crosses, Alexey doesn’t believe in the word “can’t”, taking on any challenge with vigor, and conquering it with talent. He started by looking at the best of the best in the world as his muse. Gathering his skills by studying the curves, techniques, and styles of greats across all continents,

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Tatiana Khromoseeva

Tatiana, one of NS CNC’s most enthusiastic and talented clients, began her story in Murmansk, the Arctic hub of Russia. Starting off in this beautiful northern gem host to a surprising and inspiring array of art and culture, Tatiana was off to a great start as an artist. Eventually, St. Petersburg, the Venice of the North, began calling.

Jewelry had always been her great love, and to pursue that passion she had to head to this breath-taking metropolis to learn from the best the country had to offer.

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