Mira X7

01 Jan Mira X7

Coming soon, experience the new NS CNC Mira X7, the world’s smallest and most precise 5-axis milling machine. This new model boasts a convenient size without compromising quality or versatility. Put the new Mira X7 to the test with detail less than 1 micron, and experiment on materials from wax to metal. Easily switch between 12 different tools with the Auto Change Tool System to help you accomplish even your most complex models and 3D sculptures.

The new Mira X7 is designed to meet the needs of professionals across industries; use it in dentistry, prototyping, medical applications, micro fluids, jewellery, micro molds, electronics, education, and more. Use every millimetre of the 100x200x150mm work area to create extravagant designs or complex, detailed prototypes. Fully enclosed with a footprint under 2’x2’, and powered off of a standard outlet, this new mill is an industry best in convenience, cleanliness, and most importantly, performance.

Ask us today about how the new Mira X7 can help your business succeed.