Tatiana Khromoseeva


Tatiana, one of NS CNC’s most enthusiastic and talented clients, began her story in Murmansk, the Arctic hub of Russia. Starting in this beautiful northern gem host to a surprising and inspiring array of art and culture, Tatiana was off to a great start as an artist. Eventually, St. Petersburg, the Venice of the North, began calling. Jewelry had always been her great love, and to pursue that passion she had to head to this breathtaking metropolis to learn from the best the country had to offer.

Completing her education in jewelry in the Northern Capital, Tatiana began her career by conquering the most difficult work first. The bench would be her starting point, where she produced jewelry with the same level of excellence as the men she worked alongside. This helped her master the fundamentals of jewelry production at the inception of her career.

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There’s no better way to become a master jeweler than to develop skills from the ground up. Tatiana took the time to build the strongest foundations and advanced her skills in her production until she could call herself an artist. As her newly forming talents began to shine, she received recognition and was encouraged by her mentors to create her designs.
With nearly unrivaled fervor Tatiana would produce one spectacular piece after another, growing her talents with each new project. As her work and reputation grew, she began advancing in her career, rising to the position of lead designer.

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The technology for conceptual models was a lowly pencil when Tatiana started designing. She was able to actualize the art she had envisioned with this unassuming tool. As technology advanced, she adopted 3D modeling and computer-aided manufacturing techniques. However, the underlying idea was the same, and she even still works in pencil to start a new piece. The computer was only ever a tool to help her realize her vision.
With new tools in hand and increasingly ambitious projects to complete, Tatiana precociously designed exactly the art she wanted to see made. Sadly, she ran into a bump. While the computer programs could show her a digital model of anything she wanted, there wasn’t anything available to her to bring her creations into the real world with the same depth, nuance, and precision she’d intended.



As her designs became more complex, she needed a manufacturing tool that would help her realize her true vision. With this mission in mind, Tatiana began scouring the internet for the right solution. To her great delight, she came across NS CNC 5-axis mills. These mills, though made halfway around the world, seemed capable of implementing her designs according to her true intentions.

We were thrilled to meet her in Moscow while traveling to a tradeshow, where she connected with another favorite client, Raims. It didn’t take her long to recognize the quality and value of the mill, and we were delighted to have her join the ranks of NS CNC clients nearly immediately after meeting us.


With her shiny new NS CNC mill at her disposal and an almost unlimited reservoir of creativity, Tatiana has built up her name in the jewelry industry in St. Petersburg and across Russia to the point where she can be truly independent.

She’s now an award-winning jeweler, taking home prizes from multiple competitions and shows. She took first place most recently for one of her many famous collections dedicated to the famous Russian ballet. We’re proud to count her as a client, and even more so to say she trusts our mills to create her award-winning art.