At NS CNC, we have a long history of working closely with our clients and forming lasting relationships with them. Raims was one of our first colleagues and has been a friend to our staff and company for years. Raims has always had a passion for jewelry, beginning his studies in his home country of Lithuania.

Graduating from Kaunas Art College in 1982, he began his prestigious career as a jeweler and designer working for local shops. More recently, Raims has developed the freedom to take on private projects for individuals, making some of the most breathtaking custom pieces we’ve ever seen.

If fortune favors the bold, Raims is fortunate indeed. Aside from expressing his fearlessness through his art, he has always been an early adopter of new technology, enthusiastically embracing the tools he needs to bring his visions to life.

In the early 2000s, as the computer revolution took hold of the world, Raims dove in headfirst, learning how to take his craft into the digital world. At first, he produced his models using 3D printers, and he was able to make new strides in his work.

However, after he discovered NS CNC milling technology in 2010, he was hooked. Almost overnight he transitioned all of his work from 3D printing to our mills. This new technology allowed him to actualize every nuance, every detail, and his true artistic vision.
As his skill and the complexity of his pieces increased, Raims pushed our mills to the limit. We worked together with him to make improvements to our technology so he could continue to dazzle the world with his art.
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“Dragon by Raims”

The best-known masterpiece to come out of these efforts was what would become known as “Dragon by Raims”.

Like so many of Raims’ creations, this model has been a centerpiece of our shows for years, standing the test of time as both a technically complex and impressive model and a stunning artistic creation.

With wings just 0.4mm thick and standing only 70mm high, this statue incorporates astonishing detail and represents exactly what Raims envisioned when he designed the piece.

This little wax dragon is near and dear to our hearts and has taken up the mantle of NS CNC’s official mascot.

Just like his infamous Dragon, Raims often attends exhibitions with us, traveling from Las Vegas, to New York, to Moscow. At these shows and throughout his frequent travels, Raims has collected a following.

Young jewelers study devoutly under his tutelage and can proudly declare to their local custom jewelry markets that they are “taught by Raims”. Raims not only mesmerized the hearts and minds of young jewelers, clients, and aficionados, he has captured our imagination as well.

He started as a client, became a lasting partner and friend, and has made crucial contributions to the development of CNC technology. He’s helped drive milling technology forward by always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in jewelry design, not to mention his invaluable contribution to creating NS CNC’s JewelryCAM software.

Never satisfied, Raims is still toiling happily away, bringing new and beautiful designs into existence. See his latest pieces and the most famous creations in our Gallery.

You can see more of Raims’ work

on his Facebook and YouTube pages