Michael Campobasso


More than just a client, this uncompromising perfectionist has dedicated his efforts and significant talent to the meticulous perfection of his craft. Michael Campobasso is not only an artist and a jewelry designer but a man of distinct taste and standards.

His shop in New York employs some of the most highly sought after jewelers, diamond setters, and polishers from around the world. Each team member was carefully hand-picked by Michael and boasted over 25 years on the job. In a world where so much jewelry is made in mass production, Michael’s team of extraordinary individuals shines brightly apart from the rest.

Not to let his standards and his staff be the only thing setting him apart, Michael is also a rare example of a designer who manufactures his collections. Each piece receives his undivided attention during its conception and realization, making his jewelry a remarkable joy to own.


Recognizing that every diamond and gemstone has the characteristics that let it shine its brightest, Michael carefully ensures that each piece of jewelry he creates speaks to the strengths of the stones he’s using.

To make certain that each client receives only the best of the best, Michael and his staff have been known to work for months on a single design, crafting perfection into every detail.

Michael once explained: “Poorly made jewelry hurts my soul. I want people to look at any of my pieces and recognize their superior craftsmanship and quality.” Finishing with his emphatic passion, he tells us “it’s not just a ring, it’s EVERYTHING!”


Knowing about Michael’s high standards, we are truly honored to provide his trusted milling technology. After experimenting with every legitimate 3D printer in the jewelry industry, Michael came to us to find a solution that would live up to his high standards.

Using NS CNC mills, Michael can give his truly exceptional pieces a stronger foundation with truly exceptional waxes. He took the words right out of our mouths when he told us “the precision and cast-ability, of machinable wax and full control over the tool path strategy, is what results in amazing pieces of jewelry that are, and will always remain, timeless.”

This unrelenting obsession with quality and detail has catapulted Michael’s company Lion Diamonds® to the very pinnacle of fine jewelers. The company’s seamless blend of advanced technology, timeless designs, and innovative crafting techniques – and each process’s commitment to perfection, has made Michael a true master of his craft.

We are proud to include Michael as part of the NS CNC family and delighted that he works with us as a certified NS CNC dealer out of his New York office.