Alexey Fedorov


In the heart of Moscow, one of our first and most engaged clients, Alexey Fedorov finds his inspiration as a jeweler, designer, 3D modeler, and businessman. With his pair of Mira mills hard at work, Alexey produces some of the world’s most cherished (and expensive) one of a kind jewelry pieces.

A self-taught master of his craft with a penchant for ornate crosses, Alexey doesn’t believe in the word “can’t”, taking on any challenge with vigor, and conquering it with talent. He started by looking at the best of the best in the world as his muse.

Gathering his skills by studying the curves, techniques, and styles of greats across all continents, he’s become a highly sought after designer himself.


Alexey prides himself on out-doing the competition, always striving to make his creations the highest quality in the world. His efforts don’t go unnoticed, as he’s gained notoriety not only at home in Moscow but abroad and with us at NS CNC.

We proudly display his designs in wax at every trade show we attend, on our site, and have been known to brag about him to our friends. His collection is a perfect example of what can be achieved with an NS CNC mill, a clear vision, and exceptional engineering skills.