One of our favorite stories comes from an unassuming town in California and belongs to a cherished client, Jonathan Stroud of Chasing Victory. Jonathan’s path into the jewelry industry didn’t follow a traditional route, but sometimes the path less traveled has the best story.

As in many families, Jonathan was a loving and dedicated husband and father, providing for his family by making use of his woodworking skills. When an incident with a table saw caused him to lose much of the function of his left hand, he had to find a new way to provide for the people he loved most.

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With everything on the line and an almost forgotten dream to chase, Jonathan decided to pursue his passion in jewelry design. As he poured this passion into his work, combining it with his talents in woodworking, he began to see a new focus in his professional career and life. While his skills in the jewelry trade grew, so did his confidence and the strength of his relationships.

With a business named after his life’s mission, Chasing Victory, Jonathan decided to craft some of the most unique and striking rings we’ve ever seen. In his hard-earned success, he’s achieved the victory he dreamed of.


When we first met Jonathan he was still fresh to modern jewelry design and production. Not to be discouraged, he jumped head first into the deep end. This wasn’t the industry he’d lived and breathed for most of his professional career, but that was no deterrent. With dizzying speed, he developed his skills in CAD design, CAM software, and on his new Mira 2E. With these new tools in hand and fully embraced, Jonathan began to create not only beautiful, timeless rings, but a brand and a reputation to match.

As business grew, Jonathan invested in a second NS CNC mill to keep up with the orders he was getting. With his unique combination of intelligence, creativity, tenacity, and the uncanny ability to meld art forms together to allow each and every ring to tell its own distinct story, Jonathan has solidified his place as one of our favourite clients