The Evoke 3D / 4-Axis Mill combines the capabilities of milling, rotary and engraving machines. This versatile 4-axis milling solution is suited for any jeweler or model-maker. The Evoke mill is designed to mill 3D models with perfect precision from an array of materials, giving jewelers the flexibility to remain competitive in today’s market.


A simple, powerful and reliable machine, the Evoke is indispensable for serious jewelry production. It can carve wax, plastic, antler, wood and graphite with equal precision in each material. It can even engrave metal with the same detail as other softer materials. This is an essential piece of equipment for the manufacture of large models, crosses, icons and pendants.

EVOKE Universal CNC Machine


There are several options for configuring your Evoke 3D/4-axis mill:


4-axis , 3-axis and CNC Lathe


Being able to switch out attachments gives you the flexibility to mill a variety of materials in all shapes and sizes. You can carve anything from tiny earrings to small sculptures, highly detailed belt buckles, medallions, and badges.


Machined Body


The main body and major parts of the mill are cut on large, high precision CNC machines from solid aircraft grade aluminum to fit together perfectly. Many of the components of the Evoke mill are anodized after they are machined. Anodizing the pieces protects the parts and allows you to keep the machine in good condition for many years.

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NSK Nakanishi spindles are installed on all NS CNC mills. They are a world leader in precision machine tools, and are the only choice for serious jewelers. The spindle has a long service life and is very reliable. The standard milling machine receives a 30,000 RPM spindle, but for faster milling you can choose to upgrade to a 50-60,000 RPM model.


The spindle collet set has a standard diameter of 1/8″ (3.175 mm). If the user wants, we can insert a collet of any size from 1.0 mm to 6.5 mm in increments of 0.1 mm.


THK Linear System

The Evoke moves its carriages on high-precision THK linear guides and bearings. THK is a global leader and pioneer in the Linear Motion guide industry. Using these high-quality components ensures accuracy for many years without any maintenance.

Coolant System


Keeping the cutter and working piece wet during operation greatly improves the surface quality of your models. The coolant prevents the mill end (bit) from overheating and prevents the dust produced from milling from getting on everything in your shop. The duration and frequency of the coolant jet is completely user configurable: pulse duration from .01 to .25 seconds and frequency from .5 to 2 seconds, as well as a manual, always-on mode.


The system automatically and continuously filters and circulates the coolant. Used coolant is collected from the collection tray beneath your work piece and is recycled by draining back into the coolant reservoir. The coolant fluid contains a 5% – 15% emulsion of water-soluble oils. This prevents metal mill components from corroding. The recommended coolant is our own “NS-Cool”.

4-Axis Milling Machine option


This is by far the most requested configuration for the Evoke. This option adds a 4th rotary axis and opens up an incredible array of possibilities for your milling projects. Rings, sculptures, and cameos are just a few examples of what you can create with the addition of a rotary axis.


Please make sure to take a look at the Gallery

Heavy Duty Rotary Table


The addition of the rotary axis is a very popular choice. This option contains a durable 4″ rotary table, giving 360° of access to your work-piece. Machined from solid bar stock steel, the table is manufactured to exacting specifications to provide the best possible operation.

3-Axis Version


Charms, Buckles, Medallions, Religious Icons, Graphite forms… the list goes on. The powerful drive motors and rugged linear motion guides of the Evoke also open the possibility of working with this wide array of projects in materials other than modelling wax – Antler, bone, graphite, brass and other harder materials. The 3-axis version is also excellent at etching your plaque name plates, logo art or whatever your project may need into brass and aluminum.


CNC Lathe Option


This option gives you the ability to use the EVOKE as a CNC lathe. The Lathe tool holder can be easily installed by removing the spindle. When the machine is configured this way, the work piece rotates at high speed against the cutter. Using this option, engagement ring and wedding bands blanks can be cut from wax tubes and chess pieces are very quick and easy to carve out.



Engraving Attachment


By replacing the spindle with a special engraving tool, you can execute your engraving tasks quickly and painlessly. The rugged construction of the Evoke chassis allows you to engrave brass, aluminum or acrylic panels.


The engraving tool does not ship with the Evoke, but is available for purchase. Please contact us for more information.

Hard material milling


The Evoke chassis has been engineered to handle hard materials, and if you want to mill your projects from materials harder than plastic or wax, the team at NS CNC will be happy to help you configure your new mill to meet your needs.

Control System


The machine ships with a control computer that connects to the machine via USB cable. Once the computer is plugged into the mill, it is ready to work.


The mill doesn’t require much of the computer’s processing power, so it can be simultaneously connected to the internet, a webcam, or an electronic microscope for collaboration, support, and precision.


The notebook computer comes with an adjustable folding stand and a waterproof mouse.