From our US Dealer Lion Diamonds in NYC.

“What a THRILL! It’s not piece of the year, it’s THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME ? This 188 gram 18k rose gold & diamond Michael Jackson THRILLER sculpture was an absolute amazing, awe-inspiring, and insanely intimidating task to put together. After 9 months in the making, and relentless devotion to detail, I am pleased to debut this miraculous creation with you! Coincidentally, today is also the same day that Michael Jackson released his groundbreaking iconic album, THRILLER ?‍♂️ For me Michael Jackson was spectacular. From his vocals, to his exceptional vision, there’s was no one like him. In the words of Michael, “The creator will go, but his work survives. You want what you create to live, be it a SCULPTURE, a PAINTING, or MUSIC.” Well Michael, this creation represents all three and was a tremendous honor to make ?? Comment below in what ways did Michael Jackson’s music inspired you?”