New generation of 5-Axis simultaneous CAM program

The moment you start using JewelryCAM, you’ll know you’ve permanently changed the way you work. With the push of a single button, the process of modelling your jewelry piece begins. Created specifically for jewelry modeling on the Mira Mill family of machines, JewelryCAM’s simplicity and speed set it above traditional programs.  This game-changing technology requires no special programming knowledge — in fact, it’s not much different from your office printer.  For the first time, the program combines preparation of 3-D computer modelling and cutting on a 5-axis machine into a fully automatic mode. A step up from three- and four- axis machines, five-axis machines move your workpiece along two rotary axes: A and B, while the spindle moves along three linear axes: X, Y and Z.



JewelryCAM completely solves longstanding issues with the complicated, time-consuming process of calculating models in computer-aided design (CAD, which produces the design), and translating them into computer-aided manufacturing (CAM, the machine controlling construction of the part), and computer numerical control (CNC, the precision commands that operate the machine tools). JewelryCAM is based on independent core algorithms (an algorithm is a set of rules) that calculate the toolpaths (the pattern that the tip of the cutting tool follows) for all five axes.

Automatic Mode


Wedding Bands (Rings)  – Traditional plane round ring with detail around and engraving inside.

Engagement Rings – Engagement rings and gemstone rings.

These tools allow you to make the most of rings for your customers. You don’t have to deal with configuring settings or options; everything is done by clicking a few buttons. It’s easy to learn and easy to use. If you want to change something in the automatic mode, you can even pause the process and edit, add or delete some of operations. These settings are automatically saved and can be used again and again.

Custom Mode


Custom mode is for complex, often one-of-a-kind models that are impractical to produce in the Automatic mode. Working with the large selection of tools provided, the user can work on a portion of the models to create unusual shapes and elements. Like Automatic mode, Custom mode is elegant and intuitive, and very easy to operate.



The simulator installed in JewelryCAM is one of the most powerful visual tools available. For ease of navigation, it opens in a separate window and has an extensive menu which provides all the information you need on the toolpaths and machine, such as distance, individual paths, processing time, etc. It also gives you a visual display of the deleted material, and allows you to track the coordinates and position of the axes from point to point — in either step-by-step or continuous simulation. Use the sliders to move all five axes, or set the coordinates to find the optimal angles when developing the toolpaths.

Plugin for Rhino 3D


JewelryCAM is a plugin to Rhino 3D . It is installed on top of Rhino or based on other programs, such as the Matrix, RhinoGold or RhinoJewel. Rhino is the most popular program in the world, characterized by simplicity, convenience and relatively inexpensive cost.


Rhino is now a world in which there are hundreds of utility programs, plug-ins, applications in various areas of human activity from the simulation to the yacht shoes and jewelry. Rhino is useful primarily to the fact that its models and files are universal to all designers worldwide. They are already the language spoken by 3D designers. Rhino is the main 3D computer modeling program in the jewelry business. It has numerous commands for general modeling, and jewelry specific plug-ins.



The efficiency of the machine depends on the time spent preparing the CAM file. The faster and easier the program works, the more models can be cut on the machine. The creators of JewelryCAM put a lot of effort into developing the manual and automatic modes, thereby significantly outpacing the speed of other similar 5-axis programs. For example, while one complex ring model calculated in an ordinary CAM program may take a few hours, in JewelryCAM it merely takes a few minutes.