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CAM Programs for Mira mills

In order to translate your 3D CAD file (computer-aided design) into machine codes that a CNC machine can understand, you need to have a CAM program (computer-aided manufacturing). When you buy an NS-CNC machine, we offer you such programs. For those who purchase the light duty Mira-6, we offer JewelryCAM. This software application is ideal for jewelers and other craftsmen doing fine art work intended for use with soft materials. JewelryCAM is based on the Rhino3D program. For those who purchase the heavy duty Mira-X7, we offer a better suited program called BobCAD-CAM. BobCAD-CAM is more complex and is designed to be used with various spindle tools and machines that perform automatic tool changes.

This program has its own CAD platform and can also work with SolidWorks project files. Of course, you can also use other 5-axis CAD and CAM programs with our machines. Mira mills can work with any standard machine files containing G and M codes. However, if you are for example a dentist, you should use a specially designed software application. If you need such a program, we can help you to choose an application and help you adapt it to our machine. Explained below are the main differences between the JewelryCAM and BobCAD-CAM programs. You can read about each of these programs on the pages that follow JewelryCAM  BobCAD/CAM 

JewelryCAM vs BobCAD/CAM

Both programs are created on the same kernel and are close relatives. JewelryCAM is made more for jewelers, as most light duty mills are used by jewelers. BobCAD/CAM is a universal professional CAM program for all types of  CNC milling and turning machines.


True, full-featured simultaneous 5-Axis toolpath strategies

Powerful Standard File Translators

Advanced CNC Machine Simulation

CAM Computer-Aided Design

Integration with SOLIDWORKS™

Integration with Rhino3D

Automatic Tool Changing

 Jewelry Making Modules

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