18 Jun NSCNC at JCK Las Vegas 2019

This year, JCK Las Vegas moved to another exhibition complex, which is the Sands Expo Convention Center. The center is smaller in size than Mandalay Bay, but it’s located in the heart of Las Vegas and is positioned closer to all the central hotels. But this central position has created significant difficulties with transportation. The place to stop the cars in front of the main entrance was very small, and there were so many cars and taxis that the exhibitors preferred to leave their cars several blocks away and continue on foot.

The format of the show also changed a bit. There was no change in the location and the exhibit displays of major US jewelry companies. They still occupied the main second floor. The first floor of the show has always been occupied by equipment and technology, foreign jewelry companies, colored stones and diamonds.

NS CNC Manufacturing is always displaying its machines on the first floor in the Essential & Tech Pavilion together with other jewelry suppliers. The first impression at this show of anyone who descended to the first floor from the second is surprise. In fact, this is not a floor, this is a basement, more like an underground parking lot with lots of different pipes above your head. This was very much in contrast with the past years, when we all were located in a giant pavilion with 10-meter-high ceilings. But the surprise passed quickly, because, despite the low ceiling with pipes, there were a lot of visitors.

On this show, we first had a staff member, Cristian Bernal, who speaks excellent Spanish. I was amazed by how many visitors speak Spanish. Sometimes it seemed that the majority of the population speak Spanish in the southern United States. Cristian had to talk without stopping all of the time of the show. In addition, the show had many visitors from Mexico and other Latin American countries.

The show was very effective. The main result of the exhibition, which has become a reflection of the entire American jewelry market – it that it has become better. There is no drop in demand at all and there is no sign that it is coming.