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Andre Simpson

A New Arena

While most of our mills are used in the jewelry industry to create beautiful embellishments, now and then we stumble upon a whole new use for our inventions. Recently, the University of Toronto acquired an NS CNC Mira 6 for the Department of Chemistry. Under the expert guidance of Professor Andre Simpson, Director of the Environmental NMR Centre and Director of TRACES, our Mira 6 is being used to machine microscopic parts for his research experiments.

Andre is working diligently to uncover the mysteries of complex environmental systems on a molecular level. He is developing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy in combination with other analytical techniques so he can better understand how molecular-scale processes work within macromolecular systems.

With his work applicable in areas from climate change to disease prevention and even contributing to the search for extraterrestrial life, he has some lofty goals for his research. To help him along the way, he needs the very best in precision equipment.

Professor Andre Simpson NS CNC
Broadband copper coil
Broadband copper coil.

The Right Tools for the Job

This is where our Mira 6 shines; assisting Andre and his team with their research by milling out precisely the minute and specific tools he needs to conduct his experiments.

Recently, Andre Simpson’s team created a copper coil with 16 separated layers spanning just 1.5mm to use in an experiment. We were thrilled to have our technology be used in new and exciting applications, and couldn’t be happier with Mira’s performance.

The diverse range of materials the Mira can mill using its high precision 5 axis system, combined with its perfectly precise cutting ability, can create just about anything this team of researchers need to achieve big results in their tiny arena.