JCK Las Vegas

03 Jun JCK Las Vegas

This show took place like all past years in Mandalay Bay Convention Center from June 01 to June 4, 2018 . It is one of the largest convention centers in Las Vegas with an area of 1,000,000 square feet or 93,000 square meters.

JCK Las Vegas, the jewelry industry’s largest and most iconic North American trade event, brought together over 2,200 exhibiting companies, and 30,000 industry professionals, including over 13,000 vetted buyers, representing nearly 100 different countries around the world. Mandalay Bay is impressive with its gigantic distances. Every day you have to walk kilometers along carpet paths to walk from the parking lot to your booth.

That year we exhibited our new Mira-6 machine. As in previous years, there were a lot of visitors who were interested in the machine. Of course, the most attractive for visitors are our numerous samples of the waxes made on our machines. Our main example of the most complex wax and our symbol is the Dragon of Raims. Despite the fact that it was made by Raims several years ago, it continues to be the most precise and complex model made in wax. Many jewelry designers tried to create their own dragons that would defeat him in beauty and realism, but this was unsuccessful.

As in previous years, the issue of the large distribution of 3D printers and the displacement of CNC machines by them is raised. Yes, of course, printers drove almost all CNC machines from the jewelry market. But no printer can achieve this quality, which is achieved by our 5-axis machine. At this show, we did not waste time explaining to visitors the benefits of our machine. We just made several wax samples of the same mini turbine model. That is, one and the same file was written on some printers, as well as on our machine. The visitor was offered to look at all the samples with a magnifying glass and independently decide which of the samples suited him more. All visitors uniquely chose a sample made on our machine as perfect in surface quality.