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Despite its small size, the Elara Milling Machine has  incredible strength and precision. Using it’s advanced system of servo motors, ball-screw railings and robust capacity the Elara can machine the smallest gears with meticulous accuracy while having the power to cut down entire stainless steel cases. 

Combined with the Elara Lathe, the watchmaker has the tools necessary to create unique one-of-a-kind timepieces or restore high-end or hard-to-get parts. The Elara is trusted by some of the world’s greatest artisans to create incredible, unique timepieces – find out if the Elara is the right fit for you at 

To watch the Elara Mill in action

Elara’s Configurations

The machine is produced in basic 3 and 4 axis configurations. But in each of the configurations, modifications can be made or additional components added, such as a second spindle or special workpiece or tool holders.

3 Axis CNC Mill

Traditional 3 axis CNC machine configuration. Simple and easy setup for milling flat parts. The spindle moves along 3 axis and the workpiece is mounted directly onto the X carriage.    The direct clamping helps with stability and minimizes vibrations.

4 Axis CNC Mill

4 axis rotary table configuration with an additional tailstock. This configuration is perfect for milling large and heavy pieces which require additional support.    The tailstock helps with stabilizing and minimizing vibrations when working with a large workpiece.


Machine Overview
  • Model: 315 Elara
  • Machine Type: 3/4 -Axis Desktop CNC Mill
  • CNC Lathe Attachment: Optional
  • Linear Axes: X Y Z
  • Additional Lathe Axis: C
  • Rotary Axes: A
  • Machine Codes: Universal G & M Codes
  • Material Stock: Metal, Plastic, Wood, Wax
  • Automatic Tool Changer: Optional
  • Tool Changer Capacity: 12 Tools
  • Micro Milling
  • Micro Fluidics
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Jewelry and Watchmaking  
  • Graphite electrodes milling for EDM
  • Microelectronics
  • Science and education
  • Position : 0.00001″ (0.0003 mm)*
  • Repeatability : 0.0004″ (0.010 mm)
  • Rotary A Resolution : 0.10 Arc-Sec
  • Spindle Accuracy : 0.00004″ (0.001 mm)
Mechanical Data
  • Motors: Servo
  • Linear Motion: Ball Screws with Precision LM Guide
  • Max Feed Rate : 200 inch/min (5000 mm/min)
  • Max Rotary A Speed: 300 Deg/Sec
  • A Turntable Diameter: 6″ (150 mm)
  • Backlash: Zero backlash
Working Distance
  • X-Axis: 9.00 inches (230 mm)*
  • Y-Axis: 7.00 inches (180 mm)
  • Z-Axis: 5.00 inches (127 mm)
  • Rotary A: 360 Deg Continuous
Machine Size and Weight
  • Width : 29 inches (740 mm)
  • Depth : 22 inches (560 mm)
  • Height : 38 inches (965 mm)
  • Weight : 200 Pounds (90 Kg)
Packaging Size and Weight
  • Width : 32 inches (813 mm)
  • Depth : 35 inches (889 mm)
  • Height : 47 inches (1194 mm)
  • Weight : 345 Pounds (170 Kg)
*With Automatic Tool Changer X: 5.00 inches (127 mm)
  • Brand: Nakanishi, Japan
  • Model: E3000
  • Type: Lever
  • Speed : 60,000 RPM
  • Power: 350 Watt
  • Bearings: Ceramic
  • Collet, Standard: 1/8″ (3.175 mm)
  • Collet, Additional: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 mm
Coolant System
  • Type: Liquid Cooled
  • Filtration: Self filtrated
  • Circulation: Constantly Circulating
  • Coolant Capacity: 6 Gallons (23 Liters)
Air System
  • Air filter: Built-in air line kit
  • Required air pressure: 21.7-36.2 psi
  • Spindle speed with air: up to 60,000 RPM
  • Spindle speed without air: up to 30,000 RPM
  • Requirements : 110 or 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Consumption : Apr. 1000 Watt

All pictures, descriptions and specifications shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.

Auto Tool Changer

If you want to mill complex parts using different milling bits, then you can order an additional Auto Tool Changer. Usually, 6-bit pots are enough. But if you need more, then we are ready to install an enlarged changer for 12 bits. The Changer requires a spindle with an auto clamp. We’ll install such a spindle on the machine for you without any problem.

Rotary Head

The Rotary Head has a centered chuck with ER-25 collets. The standard ER collet is the most widely used clamping system in the world. ER collets have a wide clamping range and high accuracy. This feature allows you to maintain a perfectly centered workpiece on round shafts ranging from 2.0 to 15.8mm in diameter. 

Additionally, the Rotary Head  has an optical position sensor, which you can use to set the desired angle on your workpiece and return back to it at any time. In addition, the tailstock allows you to support the workpiece without letting it vibrate.

Workpiece holding options


NSK Nakanishi spindle is installed on all NS CNC mills. It is a world famous brand of mini machine spindles. The spindle has a long service life and is very reliable.

The spindle has motor speed feedback, digital display controlling, and monitoring. The maximum motor speed of 60,000 RPM is realized by using a high-performance brushless motor and ceramic bearings.

An air-cooled motor uses a small volume of air (1.0 CFM) to minimize heat buildup and allow continuous operation. Air pressure required is 75 PSI.

The user has the option to select the type of manual tool change:

  • Traditional change with two wrenches
  • Lever change, as shown in the photo on the left
  • Quick change with taper milling but holders

In addition, it is possible to install an automatic tool change (ATC) system on the machine.

The spindle collet set has a standard diameter of 1/8″ (3.175 mm). If you need another collet sizes, we can provide you a collet of any size from 1.0 mm to 6.5 mm in increments of 0.1 mm  Read more about collets

Workpiece Holders

An assortment of clamps and holders for any size or shape.  4 axis collet mounting. Direct attachment. NS-Clamps and much more.  Learn More


We offer you a large selection of various accessories to help you solve any milling task.  Shop Now

Watchmaker's CNC Machine

Elara Milling Machine is widely used in the watchmaking industry for the manufacturing of custom timepieces and machining of movement parts for repairing and restoring watches.

The heavy-duty base and carriages allow the Elara to machine not only soft metals such as brass and gold but harder materials like titanium and stainless steel.

The Elara can perform both, traditional 3-axis milling with a fixed work-piece directly attached to the X-table and the more complex 4-axis auto-flip with an additional rotary head. 

In addition to the milling machine, NSCNC also produces a turning variation of the Elara. This mini-lathe can be be equipped with various cutters and watchmaking collets which allow it to process a work-piece from different angles.

This turning variation of the Elara combines the traditional watchmaker’s lathe with the latest CNC systems to allow the operator to push the limits of precision and capability.

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